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Rare find, Schweighofer’s Söhne 7 ft. 0 in. art-case grand c. 1895 (chosen as best of approx.400 available pianos). 'Commisioned' cabinet refinished in black satin.Ornate, full relief carved 'urn' style legs, pedal lyre and music rack with candle holders. 'Heart and dagger' mouldings on lid and rim peripheries. Unusual 'fawn' wood lid interior. Elaborate brass marquetry (inlay) nameboard insignia and endorsements.

Fully rebuilt including:

  • new pinblock, tuning pins and strings

  • soundboard refinished with graphic design photographic reproduction of decal

  • plate refinished

  • new hammer shanks with flanges, wippens (with carbon ABS jacks) and mainrail, hammers and dampers

  • fully regulated including capstan relocation for improved balance and repetition

Original ivories.


A unique instrument imported directly from Vienna when Austrian currency was still in schillings and the Canadian dollar was strong. Many years in restoration. 

Extremely stable tuning and tonality, incredible soundboard crown (with innovative stabilizer). Consistantly 2nd only to Steinway at numerous international trade exhibitions before 1914.


Comes with:

  • height-adjustable, studded-cushion concert bench with round-turned legs

  • Dampp Chaser climate control system

  • 5 year warranty


This is a concert quality instrument with big, powerful bass and clean treble tone with long decay in the top end. Will stand up easily to the most serious play.


In Production:

  • Bösendorfer 7 ft. 0 in. grand, satin black, urn legs. Full refurbishing with bench etc.

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