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How often should a piano be tuned?


Three to four times during the first year and, for most people, twice a year thereafter. Professionals will want more frequent tuning, and pianos used to perform on will need to be tuned more fequently still. Even if a piano is not played, it needs to be tuned at least once a year.

What is the best time of the year to tune a piano?


Humidity and temperature have a great effect on a piano’s tuning, so ideally a piano will be tuned with every change of season. If you tune have your piano tuned only once or twice a year, the specific season will not matter but do have it tuned regularly at the same time of year. If your piano has not been tuned for a long time or is badly out of tune, have it tuned as soon as possible, whatever the season.

What pitch should a piano be tuned to?


The formal standard is A=440 but pianos tend to go flat with time, so we suggest tuning a piano one or two Hz higher.


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