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Overhauling action


Replace/repair/modify capstans, wippens and mainrail. Bleach/sand/buff ivory or plastic keytops, including antique styles. Recover/replace hammers including springs, buckskin/doeskin, and all wood and cloth components, including antique and European. Replace key bushings, hammer shanks, flanges and/or knuckles. Repair upright abstracts.

Rebuilding strung back


Replace pinblock. Disassemble and reglue/reinforce frame and beams to restore crown. Repair/replace soundboard. Repair/replace/recap bridge, and adjust/shim plate height to improve downbearing. Restring. Weld/reinforce plate. Regild plate including stripping, priming, and new topcoat/clearcoat, with consideration for existing artwork. Buff hardware.

Cabinet Repair

Touch up and finish to match any existing finish, including high polsh. (Have been referred to customers by and done warranty work for Bechstein, Blüthner, Bösendorfer, Kawai, Sauter, Steinway, and Yamaha.) Restore artwork including scrolling, applique, relief carving, marquetry (inlay), and graining. Buff/replate hardware including pedals, hinges, locks and strikes.

Providing Fire & Water disaster assesments for insurance & restoration companies

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